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These landscapes are from original paintings and photographs.

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Lazy Summer at the Lake

This oil painting is of two young girls lounging in the edge of a lake after a fun filled day of water activity. You can feel the serenity of the moment.

Summer's Eve Sunset

This painting features a young girl in a sundress with a horse at a barbed wire fence. A beautiful sunset on a warm summer evening. The definition of pure peaceful bliss.

Aspen Reflections

Lighthouse Sunset

Summer Canyon

Sisters in the Park

Beautiful Day in the Park

Autumn Canyon

Snow Mountain

Offroad Majesty

Countryside View

Peaceful Lake Scene

Picnic Table by the Lake

Lovely autumn scene by the lake.

Aspen Trail

Stunning Mountain Scene

Autumn Lake

Aumn Lake from original oil painting.

Sunset Boat

Beautiful Boat Scene


Glencar Lough Ireland


Ocean View with Sea Gulls

Autumn Woods

Beautiful Autumn Scene

Mountain Reflection

Scenic Mountain Lake Reflections

Fantasy Cityscape

Sciece fiction, fantasy night scene of city by the ocean. Original sci-fi 3-d art by Deleas Kilgore.

Sunset on the Farm

Beautiful sunset landscape near the Canadian River in the Texas Panhandle by Deleas Kilgore.

Windmill Sunset

Beautiful sunset landscape with windmill near the Canadian River in the Texas Panhandle by Deleas Kilgore.

God Watching Barn Sunset

Beautiful sunset barn and windmill with God's face watching over all in the clouds by Deleas Kilgore.

White Trees on Red

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